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The “pizza giusta” or sweetness of life is also a state of mind and even an art of living. That of strolling through the alleys of Rome, that of this bar terrace from where one can observe life passing by, out of time and being able to dream of all those moments that one would like to see become eternal.

The chef, Giorgio, will surprise you with the originality, quality and freshness of his typically Italian cuisine, combining traditional dishes such as pasta cooked “al dente” or his choice of escalopes. But, who says Ristorante Italiano, sometimes also says Pizzeria. For this you can count on Giorgio’s know-how, straight out of a real Neapolitan Pizzeria, whose secret of the dough and the mixture of ingredients has been carefully kept for decades.

But no more comments, I leave it up to you to discover, enjoy and appreciate the relaxed and distinguished setting of this new London address, where the warmth of the welcome will transport you for a meal in that state of mind that is “pizza giusta“.

Looking for a pizza place in London?

Discover without further delay our Italian restaurant, Pizza Giusta! With a wide choice of dishes of all kinds, we place great importance on using seasonal products and only serve you home-made dishes.

Our menu

We offer you a wide choice of dishes prepared with top quality products. Check out our menu of pizzas, pasta, meat and wine to get an idea of the discoveries you can make here.

Our opening hours

Monday to Friday
Open from 10.30am to 2pm and from 5pm to 10pm

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Open from 17h to 22h

Some numbers

Number of employees

Number of tables

Number of Pizzas


How to make Neapolitan pizza ?

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