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Ingredients for 4 persons

Paccheri rigati – 320 g
Green asparagus (fine) – 200 g
Pancetta – 100 g
Garlic – 1 clove
Vegetable broth
Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation of pasta with asparagus and pancetta

To prepare this recipe, start by washing the asparagus and cut it into 2 to 3 centimetre sections. Remove the hardest part. Dice 50 grams of pancetta and fry it in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and a clove of garlic.

At the same time cook your asparagus for a few minutes in boiling water and then add it to the pancetta. Leave to cook for about 15 minutes, adding from time to time a few ladles of vegetable stock prepared beforehand. Season with salt and pepper.

In a large pot of salted water, cook the pasta according to the time indicated on the packet (or even one minute less). Drain the Paccheri and pour them into the pan with the asparagus and pancetta. Mix the ingredients well, adding a little stock if necessary.

Finally, toast the rest of the pancetta, always cut into small cubes. Serve on the plates, add the grilled pancetta, pepper and taste (with grated Parmesan cheese if you wish).


For this recipe we used Paccheri rigati of the Garofalo brand, but of course you can use other pasta formats.